The client, a marketing operations manager from Ingersoll Rand Inc., contracted us to create a compelling analysis to help with re-structuring their digital marketing team.

We were given a collection of excel files with multiple tabs on each file and complex relationships between the fields. We successfully merged the relevant fields into one master dataset and derived new features that were important. We identified periods when data were partially missing whereas the client thought the data were there. We made tables of summary statistics, bar charts, and heat maps to show the distributions of the hours, cost, headcount, and other metrics for each brand and each role in 2018 and 2019. By analyzing historical time cards, We were able to create a visual story that outlined the roles, durations, and headcount involved for completing various projects. Finally, we used statistical methods to estimate the headcount and hours needed for X number of projects, as well as the number of full-timers needed for each role.