Our Services

We provide analytic solutions and consulting services in the following 3 areas:

Our Prices

We are flexible with pricing. It all depends on the project. For example,

  • Our price for a one-chart dashboard is only $49. Here’re two examples.
  • Our price for a typical medium sized shiny app powered by a machine learning algorithm is $3999.
  • Our largest predictive modeling project is $100K.
  • Our medium sized projects range between $8K and 20K.

Tell me your business goals and analytic challenges by emailing me at [email protected]. I’ll give you a FREE 30 minutes hearing-your-pain and here-are-some-possible-solutions consulting session. We can do it over the phone or Skype, or in person if you’re in Ann Arbor.

Our Values

Cabaceo LLC is a data science consulting company based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We are passionate about solving business problems using analytics and making beautiful data products.

  • We are committed to help you grow your business using advanced data science and machine learning technologies.
  • We deliver excellence, on time and in budget.

Contact Us

 Email: [email protected]