We built 11 shiny apps for clients in marketing, real estate, finance and the food retailing industry in 2016. Some are dashboards that visualize key metrics. Others are full scale analytic apps powered by statistical methods and machine learning algorithms. Here’s what a client said about our skills.

Guangming is a highly talented R Developer. He built Shiny app for us and finished ahead of schedule. His code is organized and clean. He nailed the requirements with minimal explanation from us. Five stars all around!

We’ll continue to deliver well-crafted shiny apps in 2017. Below is a collection of demo apps we built for fun or as tools for data analysis.

Berkshire vs. S&P 500 Shiller PE Backtest Portfolio Dynamic rebalancing strategies, a demo IMDB movies data visualization airbnb-japan airbnb-taiwan gurunavi-en tabelog-en Marriages and Divorces of Japanese Nationals Survival Analysis Demo tsplotr plotr linreg SSCRC