The client, a real estate investment company, contracted us to analyze the performance of their asset portfolios and compare with their projected numbers.

We generated summary statistics, plotted statistical charts, and ran paired t-tests on the following metrics: total cost, months to complete, rent per unit, rent per NRSF, NOI, sponsor rent per unit, market rent per unit, at close LTC, at close DYS, at close cap rate, at close basis per unit, at close sponsor basis per unit, at exit LTV, at exit DYS, at exit basis per unit, at exit sponsor basis per unit, exit date, exit value, exit value per unit, exit value per NRSF, at exit implied cap rate, payoff amount, profit, IRR, and MOIC.

Our analysis identified rules of thumb for the client (e.g., on average, for wrap developments in suburban, markets have X number of units, the cost/unit to build is Y, and it take Z months to complete, and achieves W rents/sqft of USD, etc…). These rules of thumb allowed the client to make better and quicker decisions on future deals.