We have more than 7 years of experience in providing analytic solutions and statistical consulting. Our past projects include

  • Cohort analysis and life time value calculation
  • Pipeline development for processing flow cytometry data
  • Psychometric analysis of survey responses and public school performance data
  • Customer data analysis and segmentation
  • Marketing and HR analytics

We strive to provide actionable insights that lead to real business growth. Here’s what a client said about our service.

Guangming modified and normed our Student and teachers Statistical measures report with changes that easily increased our sales by over $250,000. The difference before and after Guangming was nothing short of astounding. Our creditability increased exponentially with his touch. - Ben Hemingway, CEO of Pro-Core

In order to increase the per hour value for our clients, we constantly seek ways to improve efficiency. As a result, we’ve written a R package called ezplot and two books.

ezplot score loan applicants

We deliver excellence, on time and in budget.